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132 Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Baldoyle, Dublin 13

What We Do.

We are Specialists in Reconditioned Manual Gearbox & Clutch Repairs or Replacement.

Gearbox Repairs & Recondition

Transmission Rebuild & Overhaul

Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement

Is your flywheel worn, tapered, cracked or just unserviceable?

Clutch Repairs & Replacement

Specialist clutch repair and clutch replacement.

Transmission Problems ? We’ll fix it

It may be either Gearbox, Clutch or Fluid Level.

When the transmission won’t change gears despite the engine running, you should immediately have it diagnosed by an expert mechanic. The symptoms that the car will show are:

  • The transmission won’t change and the car makes a grinding sound when the engine is running. Besides, pulling out of first gear will feel harder than normal.
  • The transmission will change in and out of gear without any issue when the car is not running.
  • It won’t come out of the reverse gear when the car is running.
  • You can push the clutch to the limit but the engine almost stops when releasing the clutch.

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Our Services

Most Common Problems with Manual Gearboxes & Clutch

  • Refuses to Go Into Gear
  • Burning Smell
  • Transmission Noisy in Neutral
  • Gears Slipping
  • Dragging Clutch
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Check Engine Light
  • Grinding or Shaking
  • Whining, Clunking and Humming
  • Lack of Response
  • Slipping Clutch
  • Clutch Chatter
  • Clutch Noise
  • Hard Clutch Pedal
  • Clutch Won’t Release

Want to Get Quality Clutch or Gearbox Repair?

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